EXELTECH was founded in 1990, based on the philosophy that efficiencies in the inverter manufacturing process through product design, coordinated with facility layout, was paramount to productivity and the key to a quality inverter product. Their mission is to provide leadership inverters and superior customer service through the merging of innovative designs with advanced manufacturing technology.

Building quality through design, which enhances their ability to manufacture, is the primary goal at EXELTECH. Through the utilizing of surface mount technology, all design and manufacturing are performed in their facility, located in FORT WORTH, TEXAS.

EXELTECH's commitment to quality and total customer satisfaction has allowed them to become innovators in the DC to AC power product market. A few of their “firsts” include the smallest, lightest high frequency PWM sine wave inverter; the first "N+1" redundant inverter systems; “hot” swappable capability; and a “modular” design. their many satisfied customers include AT&T, BROOK HAVEN NATIONAL LABS, DIGITAL EQUIPMENT CORPORATION, MOTOROLA, MCI, GTE GOVERNMENT SYSTEMS, and numerous federal and state agencies. EXELTECH’s footprint can be found, quite literally, around the world. They also provide back up power for the communications room in every U.S. Embassy, worldwide.

EXELTECH was first in the market with true sine wave inverter, back when all the competition offered was "quasi-sine wave inverters". Now that most of them offer "true sine wave inverters" we ask you to compare performance and price to other inverters.

DC/AC :: Enclosed

Series Datasheet Power Input Range Outputs Dimensions Features
XP125 XP125 Download » 150 12 VDC - 108 VDC Single 2.2 x 5.0 x 8.0 inches DC/AC Power Inverter
XP250 XP250 Download » 300 12 VDC - 108 VDC Single 2.77 x 5.23 x 10.8 inches DC/AC Power Inverter
XP600 XP600 Download » 600 12 VDC - 108 VDC Single 3.60 x 7.7 x 15.05 inches DC/AC Power Inverter
MX Series MX Series Download » 1000 12 VDC - 108 VDC Single 7" H X 15" D, width varies (23", 10", 7") DC/AC Power Inverter
XP1100 XP1100 Download » 1100 12 VDC - 108 VDC Single 3.6 x 7.7 x x 15.05 inches DC/AC Power Inverter
XP2000 XP2000 Download » 2000 12 VDC - 66 VDC Single 4.0 x 9.0 x 18.0 inches DC/AC Power Inverter
XO XO Download » 2000 120-240 VAC Single 7" Case: 9" H, 18" D, 7" W
9" Case: 9" H, 18" D, 9" W
DC/AC Power Inverter, Case Holds Up To 2 Modules